Grow Corner is a great sale booster and will help the workers by providing them exclusive information that can be of great help during the buying process.

Plantasur‘s catalog counts more than 12.000 products and this tool will allow the final clients to choose between a wider range of products without the need to stock them phisically in the shop!

Just order what your clients ask you!

Apart from Plantasur’s products you will have the opportunity to add products from other providers and you can choose to take off products or sections of products that you’re not interested in selling or promoting.

Every Grow Croner owner will have a private account with username and password and in this section the grow shop owner can:

– Setup the email adress that receive the cart

– Change prices

– Hide or add products

In addition to the software customization, and price and products changes you can customize the grow corner by adding vinyl decorations on the metallic support and by adding the logo at the bottom part of the screen.

For more information about the terms and conditions to get a Grow Corner in your shop and about customized options, leave us your e-mail and we will contact you as soon as possible.